Far From Mogadishu. Meet Author ShirinRamzanali Fazel

Our next book event will be at The Little Man Coffee Company Ivor House, Bridge Street
Cardiff CF10 2EE
 at 7 pm.

Author Shirin Ramzanali Fazel will join us to talk about her book Far From Mogadishu. This event is in English and Italian. The entry is free but book in advance to avoid disappointment.

05_23-shirin‘There was time when my country was the country of fairy tales, a country where every child would want to grow and play’. This is the story of the author’s physical and emotional journey from her war-torn homeland, Somalia. Some time after the
military coup in 1969 Shirin left Mogadishu and moved to Italy to make a new life and home for herself and her family. Since then she has crossed continents and lived in several cities, facing the challenge of integrating with many different kind of society before settling in England in 2010. This book encapsulates her reflections on the Somali diaspora.

Letter from an ICCW member

Cari Amici

I am Helen and have been a member of the Italian Cultural Centre Wales since it began in 2015.

During this time I have been inspired by the events organised by the Centre.

The Book Club and most importantly the Italian Film Festival with its objective contemporary focus have challenged and developed my understanding and appreciation of the Italy of today.

The Centre also does valuable, regular work in language maintenance for children.

Among the Centre’s varied programme for 2016 – 17 I am sure that we all have a favourite.

Now the Centre’s programme of events for 2017-18 is about to begin.

I am looking forward to the third  Italian Film Festival which will be at Chapter Arts Centre 24 – 26 November.

This year the Festival will present several British premieres including films shown recently at the Venice Film Festival.

This is a great reason to renew our individual membership of the Italian Cultural Centre Wales.

The Centre relies on our subscriptions and on the generosity of its’ sponsors as the life blood of its programme.

The annual fee is still only £15.00 and I am sure that any one-off donations would also be greatly appreciated.

Mille grazie a tutti

Tanti cari saluti e ci vediamo

Helen Vallis

IFFC ‘s new logo unveiled




Our new logo, born out of the remarkable craft of Casati Graphic Studio, was conceived by putting together less obvious symbols of both Welsh and Italian cultures, without diverting the attention from the main protagonists of the Festival: the films.
The word ‘Festival’ is the pivotal link between the two cultures. The main point of reference: the figure of the joker, a precursor of today’s recreation industry, who in past times had the task to entertain royals and their courts, telling tales of far-away lands, epic adventures and breath-taking landscapes. Together the joker’s hat and the king’s crown represent here both the symbol of the Matter of Britain/the Arthurian Cycle (one of the pillars of Anglo-Celtic culture) and of the Carnival, the Italian festival par excellence, with its masks and its wider theatrical dimension. The logo also plays with the acronym ‘IFF’, derived from the initials of ‘Italian Film Festival’ and the final letters of ‘Cardiff’, rather than its initial ‘C’.
Our new logo evokes all these elements: the joker’s hat, the royal crown, the letters IFF and the classic form of the ionic columns (a symbol of Italian art for centuries) all tied together by the flowing of the reel, the most immediate image representing the idea of the Film.

Il conciorto – A Veggie Concert


Enter Il Conciorto – a humorous and surreal musical experience where vegetables sing, telling their own intimate stories. Pop, rock and contemporary songs tell the lives of aubergines, peppers and courgettes speaking about the feelings of the gardener and telling stories of celebrity vegetable plots.

Acclaimed Italian musicians Bagini and Carlone, use electronic technology Arduino to accompany aubergines, carrots, courgettes and cucumbers with flutes, sax and guitars. Do not miss this unique sustainable live concert!

Tickets: £12/£10  Buy tickets here

Simonetta Agnello Hornby & Filomena Campus Cardiff

cardiffICCW-A3-POSTER-F-page-001The ICCW is very very pleased to host a premiere event featuring writer Simonetta Agnello Hornby and singer/director Filomena Campus. The event, loosely adapted from Agnello Hornby’s book Il Male che si deve raccontare, is a brand new performance about domestic violence, never staged before and will be a mix of music, songs and spoken word.

The performance will be in English. Please find info and poster of the event below.

Seats are limited, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.


A spoken word and music performance about domestic violence with Simonetta Agnello Hornby and Filomena Campus
Written by Simonetta Agnello Hornby, directed by Filomena Campus

Sunflower Cafe, 1 Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff CF10 5EE
24 March 2017 6.30 pm

£12 (£10 ICCW members)

for info and booking mail.iccw@gmail.com


Book club #8

imgresDear friends,
 A very Happy New Year to all of you!
 ICCW events programme for 2017 started on 4th February with our popular Language Maintenance Classes in Chapter. We have a number of great surprises for you this year so watch this space.
Our next event is the Book Club @Calabrisella, Cowbridge Road, Cardiff on Tuesday 21st February at 8:30 pm. The book we will discuss is Marcovaldo by Italo Calvino.
Mixed abilities welcome. Please let us know if you are interested in coming as seats are limited.

Bookclub #7

DeaImage result for la paura federico de robertor friends,

Our bookclub continues with the short story La paura by Federico De Roberto.

Iconic director Ermanno Olmi  based his latest masterpiece, Greenery Will Bloom Again, on De Roberto’s short story which will be screened in the Italian Film Festival Cardiff. After the film there will be a Backstage documentary followed by a Q&A with producer Elisabetta Olmi.

We will meet  Wed 16 November at Sunflower&I , 1 Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5EE at 8.30. Mixed language abilities welcome.

This event is free but seats are limited so book in advance via email to avoid disappointment.


Italian Language Week


The 22 October we will celebrate the XVI  Italian Language Week   !

From 10.00 to 11.00 am at Chapter Arts Centre our language maintenance class will be open to new young students. there will be music, masks and food!  From 11.00 to 12.00 we will illustrate the Italian language portal, explain the importance of language maintenance with a focus on European policies, and we will outline our language maintenance programme for 2016-2017.

Come along!




Films in partnership with Iris Prize Festival


Bullied to Death by Giovanni Coda

Saturday 15 October 3pm


Director Giovanni Coda from Italy will introduce the screening.

The film is inspired by the true story of a fourteen-year old American boy who committed suicide in the wake of school bullying and cyberbullying. This experimental film could be described as a documentary and is a marriage between performance art and film. It is the second episode of the trilogy on gender based violence by the director, following the film Il Rosa Nudo.

For further information and tickets click here.

Just Say Yes (Lei disse sì) by Maria Pecchioli

Saturday 15 October 8:30pm


Director Maria Pecchioli will introduce the screening.

Just Say Yes is a documentary about two women who love each other. ‘Just say yes’ is a fragment of Italy, a collection of Swedish woods and lakes; it’s a wedding party where the main ingredients on the menu are civil rights.

For further information and tickets click here.

Mediterranea by Jonas Carpignano


Saturday 8 October 6:30pm

Ayiva and Abas have fled Burkina Faso, dreaming of a better life on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. After a death-defying crossing they arrive in southern Italy and must quickly readjust to life in Europe which is more violent and hostile than they imagined. An unsentimental and creative look at the refugee crisis.  Watch the official trailer here
Join us after the film for Skype Q&A with actor Koudous Sehionan and  an interview  with Domenico Lucano, Major of the Town of Riace in Calabria. Our members get 10% discount on tickets.

For more information and tickets click here.

This event is organised in partnership with Watch-Africa


In the Sea There are Crocodiles : meet author Fabio Geda

imgresOur next Book Club event will be on Saturday 1 October from 6-8pm at Octavo’s Bookshop in West Bute Street, CF10 5LJ. Celebrated writer Fabio Geda will be joining us from Italy to discuss his acclaimed book In the Sea there are Crocodiles. This event is in English and Italian. Tickets are £3 for members and £5 non members (includes discount on signed copy).

In early 2002, Enaiatollah Akbari’s village fell prey to the Taliban. His mother, fearing for his life, led him across the border. So began Enaiat’s remarkable five-year ordeal—trekking across bitterly cold mountains, riding the suffocating false bottom of a truck, steering an inflatable raft in violent waters—through Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, and Greece, before he eventually sought political asylum in Italy, all before he turned fifteen years old.

In the Sea There Are Crocodiles Fabio Geda delivers the moving true story of Enaiat’s extraordinary will to survive and of the accidental brotherhood he found with the boys he met along the way. Geda brilliantly captures Enaiat’s engaging voice and humor, in what is a truly epic story of hope and survival, for readers of all ages.

Fabio Geda is an Italian writer who formerly worked with children in difficulties. He writes for several Italian magazines and newspapers, and teaches creative writing in the most famous Italian school of storytelling, the Scuola Holden in Turin. Since the international success of his best selling novel In the Sea There Are Crocodiles, Fabio devotes most of his time to writing and attending literary festivals around the world. In the Sea There Are Crocodiles is his first book to be translated into English and won the 2013 Marsh Award for Children’s Literature in Translation.

Language Maintenance Courses starting 24 September

Download Enrolment Form: language-maintenance-16-17

We are pleased to announce that the ICCW Language Maintenance Courses will resume on Saturday  24 September.

Our first lesson will be held at Cardiff Central Library from 10 to 11 am to celebrate European Day of Languages with our friends of Europe direct

Our second lesson will be at Chapter Arts Centre on Saturday 1 October from 10-11 am and author Fabio Geda will be joining us and reading from his amazing book In the Sea there are Crocodiles.

Last but not least, on Saturday 22 October we will celebrate Italian Language World Week  at our Language Maintenance class. This class is open to all and will be centred on our current topic ‘Viaggio in Italia’. The class will be followed by meeting with all parents interested to hear about the importance of Language Maintenance and the philosophy behind it.  Continue reading

Bookclub # 5



Our bookclub continues with  Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno by Italo Calvino. We will meet  the 29th June at Calabrisella’s at 8.30.  Mixed language abilities welcome. This event is free but seats are limited so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Italian Film Festival Cardiff Taster

Fire at sea (Fuocoammare) by Gianfranco Rosi

Friday 24 June, Chapter Cinema 8:45 (book tickets here)


On 24 June, during Refugee Week, we have organised another special event around the premiere of Fire at Sea (Fuocoammare) by Gianfranco Rosi, winner of this year’s Golden Bear in Berlin. This intense and beautiful docufilm, part of our Mediterranean Re-Mapped project, will be introduced by migration adviser and co-founder of S.O.S. Mediterranée Prof. Udo Enwereuzor. Prof. Enwereuzor will also be present at the Q&A with film editor Jacopo Quadri after the screening of the film.

Tale of Tales (Il racconto dei racconti) by Matteo Garrone

Saturday 18 June, Chapter Cinema 7:45 (book tickets here)


We have organised a special event around the Welsh premiere of Tale of Tales (Il racconto dei racconti) by Matteo Garrone. The gaudy and dazzling adaptation of the seventeenth century folk-tales by Giambattista Basile will be introduced by Domenico Basile (descendant of the writer and curator of the latest edition of Lo cunto de li cunti) and followed by a Q&A with actor Guillaume Delaunay.

In My Mother’s House by Ákos Östör & Lina Fruzzetti

On 2 June in partnership with Cardiff University and Transnationalizing Modern Languages we will screen In My Mother’s House by Ákos Östör and Lina Fruzzetti a new documentary in Italian, Tigrinya and English (with English subtitles) on the many sides of multiple identities, familial bonds, and ambiguities of colonialism, stretching from the Horn of Africa to Italy and the USA. Book free ticket here

IMMH Picture 2015


Ákos Östör and Lina Fruzzetti are university-based filmmaker-ethnographers (Brown and Wesleyan in the USA). They authored numerous distinguished films and publications. They collaborate closely with participants in their films and often with other filmmakers. Their films are visually interpretive, respecting the integrity of the culture and the locality. They use narration or not, subtitles, voice over, and inter-titles, or no words at all, just as a particular film demands it. This is their first, deeply personal film.

Their previous films in India and Tanzania concern individual lives in small communities, in contexts ranging from sacred rituals and festivals in a town, to women scroll painters and singers in village West Bengal; from fish markets in Dar es Salaam, to a cooperative of disabled people in Zanzibar.

All were shown at festival around the world and won numerous awards.

Their written work is independent yet related to the films. They also participated in creating museum exhibitions and catalogues (Helsinki, Lisbon, Geneva) as well as websites around their work.