Language Maintenance


The ICCW started in March 2016 at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff a programme of Italian language courses for the children and teenagers of Italian families , or of Italian descent, residing in Wales.

This programme is supported by Mazzini-Garibaldi Charitable Foundation.

We believe that linguistic diversity is an essential part of being human. If we lose that, we lose a part of our humanity. The aim of our language maintenance courses is to encourage bilingualism/plurilingualism and give our students the tools to live among two or more languages and cultures without feeling that these are separate entities.

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5 thoughts on “Language Maintenance

  1. Hello I would be very interested in this for my son Daniel who is 10 months old. He has italian great grandparents and myself and my husband met in Italy. It’s great to see initiatives like this in wales.

    • Hello Lizzie, thank you for your interest in our language maintenance programme. Please fill the questionnaire and get in touch with us:
      Best, Luca

  2. Hi, I lived in Rome for a year but my Italian’s slowly being lost as there aren’t many opportunities to use it in Cardiff. I’d definitely be interested in having an opportunity to carry on using it. Thanks, Sion

  3. Hello there, it’s Antonio from Casanova restaurant, i have three children age 3, 6 and 12 i’m very interested in this initiative.

  4. Ciao, I have three children age 2, 3 and 5. They understand and speak Italian. I’m interested in your courses as a way to encourage them keeping up with it. Please provide more details on the course proposals when possible.

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